“Good Morning, Beautiful People!”

SayedAhmedSalah Sayed-Ahmed, "Mr. Salah" was born in Egypt and earned his master's degree from USC.  He worked on several feature films and then became a faculty member at Montana State University Film/TV Department where he taught cinematography from 1968-1989.

Sayed-Ahmed provided security for the major Hollywood production of the Ten Commanments on set in Egypt. He met the cast and crew and became attracted to Los Angeles and the film industry. He came to the United States in the late 1950's where he met Jack Stonnell. Stonnell became a faculty member in the Film/TV Department at MSU and subsequently Salah also relocated to Bozeman to join the faculty.

The beloved Mr. Salah was a favorite of film students and enjoyed entertaining them with dinners featuring food from the Middle East. It is rumored that he was one of the founders of MSU International Food Day. He became a U.S. citizen in the early '70s. On several occasions he took students to explore the film industry in Europe and Egypt where they met filmmakers and enjoyed various cultures. During his tenure at Montana State University, in addition to teaching, he worked with friend and colleague Jack Stonnell as cinematographer on several award-winning films.

In his retirement, he shared his time between his native Cairo, Egypt and Bozeman, MT. Sayed Ahmed passed away on April 25, 2010 in Egypt.

This scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from MSU alumni Beth-Jana and John Dahl.


Updated: 07/25/2014