Victoria Vesna 

Victoria Vesna, Director of the UCLA ArtSci Center, will speak on April 29th, 2017 in the Black Box Theater at 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM through the Center for the Communication of ScienceRefreshments will be served at 5 PM.
Hybrid Worlds: Being in Between

Hybridity is an evolutionary principle that has consistently driven natural as well as technical developments—all “new” things are hybrids rather than innovations and most of all are expressions of our times. Artists have always played an important role of being in between worlds and helping bring to light new ways of being in the world. 

We are now fully living in a state of hybridity where machine and flesh have already merged, cultures and ideologies are clashing face to face as well as online, autonomous warfare is waged, top-down technologies have reached their limit and science is learning to return to bottom up systems that nature has been employing all along. With the acquired full global awareness, we are collectively confronted with the implications of interconnectivity and emergent self-organized systems that force us to confront our learned anthropocentric arrogance for the survival our species. 

This retrospective talk tracks my own individual journey that explores these issues through collaborations with scientists that prompted formation of the UCLA Art|Sci center a decade ago. I will show and discuss some works that are a result of long term collaborations with scientists as well as some highlights of the center’s activities that include workshops, lectures, symposia, exhibitions and student involvement. Now that there is general recognition of the importance of this hybridity, it is particularly important to show why it is critical for scientists to work with artists