Below is a list of available scholarships to students in the School of Film & Photography.


Scholarship Reply (Accept or Decline) Form

For more information about scholarships, with the exception of the Portfolio Scholarships, please contact Jeanette Goodwin at, (406) 994-6224 or Vicki Miller at, (406) 994-2484.


  • Mary Edsal McLaughlin Award - College of Arts & Architecture
  • College of Arts & Architecture Student Opportunity Grants (Typically grants range between $100 and $1,000) 

Eligibility: If you are a graduate or undergraduate student enrolled full-time in any degree granting program in the College of Arts and Architecture, you are eligible to apply for funding to support unique opportunities that will enhance your education at Montana State University.  

Applications may be submitted at any time by providing to the College of Arts and Architecture Dean’s Office:

  • A one-page proposal explaining:
    • The purpose and value of the unique opportunity for which funds are requested. 
    • The impact this unique opportunity would have on your education.
    • Detailed budget of costs.  Also list other sources of funding you have received or to which you have submitted requests.  Evidence of other funding (e.g. School funding, internal or external grants, Undergraduate Scholars Program) will weigh favorably in the decision-making process.  Please note:  Student Opportunity Grants will not be awarded to support thesis or project production costs, to purchase equipment, nor to support regular course activities.

Expectations of Grant Recipients:

  • All awards require submission of a short (one-page) summary of the experience and its impact on your education (include relevant images if possible) to the Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture upon return.
  • An informal presentation of the experience to one’s peers.

Awards are dependent on merit of proposal, value of experience and available funding.  Students may only be awarded this grant once as an undergraduate student and once as a graduate student.     

Please contact JoDee Palin, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Architecture at for further information. Funding provided by the Dean.

2017/18 Montana State Freshman Scholarships and Awards

Non-Resident Freshman Achievement, Distinction and WUE Awards
Up to $60,000 ($15,000 per year renewable depending upon test scores, grades and class rank) will be awarded to non-resident freshmen entering MSU in 2017/2018. Award amounts will vary from $1,000 per year to $15,000 per year renewable.

Resident Freshman Premier Scholarships 
Montana State University will offer millions of dollars in scholarships and grants to talented Montana freshmen who enter MSU in 2017/2018.  Award amounts will vary up to $12,000 ($3,000 per year renewable depending upon test scores and grades).

2017/2018 Transfer Scholarships and Awards

MSU will be offering a limited number of scholarships and awards to new transfer students. These awards are only available to students who are working on their first undergraduate degree.

Non-Resident Transfer Achievement Award
Up to $15,000 (depending upon test scores and grades) will be awarded to new non-resident transfers entering MSU in 2017/2018. Awards may be limited. Apply early.

Resident Transfer Premier Scholarships
Up to $3,000 (depending upon test scores and grades) will be awarded to new resident transfers entering MSU in 2017/2018.

Fellowships: Fulbright - National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship

External Grants and Scholarships of Interest

Action Grant and Filmmaker-in-Residence grant applications open. Filmmakers or organizations working in renewable energy or healthy oceans.

General scholarship information available from the Office of Admissions at Montana State University, please contact the Office of Admissions via e-mail or call 1 (888) 678-2287 or 1-(888)-MSU-CATS

To contribute to the School of Film & Photography or any of the scholarships listed below, please contact the MSU Foundation at:

MSU Foundation

1501 South 11th Avenue
P.O. Box 172750
Bozeman, MT 59717-2750

Tel: (406) 994-2053
Fax: (406) 994-6081
Toll Free: (800) 457-1696

To make a gift on-line, please go to Online Giving. You can specify the School of Film and Photography as the recipient of your donation. We graciously thank you for your support!

Updated: 01/18/2017