A Record Thirteen SNHF Students Successfully Defended Their Thesis Work in AY 2011-12

The following MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking students successfully defended their thesis work in the 2011-12 academic year:

Kristyn Loving

Film: "Biodynamic"

Thesis: "Biodynamics: A Case study for the Balance Between Authority and Accessibility in Science Documentary Films"

Miguel Alonso Mira

Film: "Salma: A Wingless Nomad"

Thesis: "The Romantic Use of Flamingoes in a Spanish Political Allegory"

Christina Choate

Film: "Vitamin Conpira-C"

Thesis: "How Different Styles of Nature Film Alter Our Perception of Wildlife"

Robert Cruz

Film: "Who Needs Trees?!!"

Thesis: "Animated Roots of Wildlife Films: Animals, People, Animation and the Origin of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures"

Dawson Dunning

Film: "Kaitiakitanga: Three Endeavors in Conservation o Te Tau Ihu"

Thesis: "Developing a cross-cultural narrative in environmental film: a case study from Aotearoa"

Kathyrn Gilbertson


Thesis: "Cinematic Intermedia Theatre and Science Plays: A Fusion for Learning"

Jessica Hann

Film: "The Perfect Woman"

Thesis: "A Case for the Animated Documentary"

David Keto

Film: "Desert Odyssey"

Thesis: "Cinematic Geographies: Environmental Determinism in Film Analysis"

Mackenzie Reed

Film: Bending Widgets

Thesis: "Creating a third culture: How to bring C.P. Snow into the 21st centure and find a place for the two cultures of Science and Art to meet"

Daniel Schmidt

Film: "Life Quickens"

Thesis: "Resurrecting Cosmos: Carl Sagan and a New Approach to Media Science Communication"

Simon Schneider

Film: "Animal Sapiens"

Thesis: "Animal Sapiens: The Consequences of Anthropomorphism in Popular Media"

Sean Soloweij

Film: "The Nature of Energy"

Thesis: "The Nature of Energy: Pluralism Practices Applied to Non-Fiction Filmmaking"

Kate Webbink

Film: "Out of Our Minds"

Thesis: "Interdisciplinary Dialog Through Documentary Film"