Featured Student Films

Students in the SNHF consistently produce award-winning and innovative cinematic work in all genres. This pages showcases films that demonstrate the range of the SNHF students' talents. The following films were produced by current students in the MFA Program:

Bells of Butte (2016) - Produced by Billy Collins, a current thesis student, uses a crankie (an old form of storytelling using an illustrated scroll) to tell the story of Butte, Montana.

Purebred - From Poodles to Pitbulls (2015) - A second-year film produced and directed by Hans Glasmann, a current thesis student, Purebred explores how dogs have changed for better or worse through breeding.

The Otherworldly Voice (2016) - Produced by Sarah Lanier in her first year, takes a look at development and use of the theremin.

Gym Germs: From Rags to Petri Dishes (2013) - This first-year film produced by Caitlin Bailey, examines the cleaning methods of gyms evaluates their effectiveness. This film helped the MSU gym find new ways of improving gym hygiene.