Every semester the juniors and seniors of the Film program work together to create a variety of short films. These collaborative projects allow students the opportunity to work on larger films with support from their peers. To support these filmmakers feel free to give them a follow on social media or share their crowdfunding pages!

Senior Films - Fall 2021

Dead Girl Poster

Dead Girl

Written & Directed by Jake Marston

When a sorority live-out begins to be tormented by an evil spirit, three roommates must battle intrapersonal strife in order to defeat the entity.

To learn more about Dead Girl, please visit their crowdfunding page

ReAnimated, a short film, written by Liam Keshishian.


Written & Directed by Liam Kershishian

When the opportunity to pursue a long buried dream as cartoon character designer presents itself, a talented, but apprehensive art teacher must confront and overcome her own deeply rooted insecurities with the help of the very characters she created.

To learn more about ReAnimated please visit their crowdfunding page.

Red Compulsion, directed by Ben Lunn.

Red Compulsion

Written & Directed by Ben Lunn

After visiting an art gallery David becomes infatuated by a mysterious painting, willing to do whatever it takes to possess it.

To learn more about Red Compulsion, please visit their crowdfunding page

Rising Voices, a TV production created by Audrey Schied.

Rising Voices

Created by Audrey Schied

Rising Voices is a live TV production showcasing the talent and stories of local Montana musicians through documentary interviews and live performance

To learn more about Rising Voices, please visit their Instagram

Service with a Smile Poster

Service with a Smile

Created by Chandler Pippin

By covering an entire shift at work, this film engages the audience by presenting the idea that employees are more than workers, they're also human beings. 

To learn more about Service with a Smile, please visit their Instagram

This Be The Verse Poster, directed by Noah Hense.

This Be The Verse

Written & Directed by Noah Hense

Thomas, a mild-mannered young man, visits his parents to tell them of a new job opportunity he’s received. However, his parents' grotesque appearance and behavior, and the nightmarish home in which they reside, has him yearning to leave as soon as he arrives.

To learn more about This Be The Verse, please visit their crowdfunding page


Junior Films - Fall 2020

312, written by Isabelle Thomas.


Written by Isabelle Thomas

Directed by Sienna Riley

Imprisoned in a room for over 300 days, a girl writes to the boy who was in the room before her.

To follow 312's festival run, please visit their instagram

The Haunted Hard Drive, written and directed by Chandler Pippin.

The Haunted Hard Drive

Written & Directed by Chandler Pippin

A computer-repair technician must learn to trust his friend in order to save the world's data.

To watch The Haunted Hard Drive, please visit their YouTube channel.

Redial, written and directed by Aubrey Schied.


Written & Directed by Audrey Schied

A strange caller has shocking news: he's lived the day before and knows Cadence will die that night.

To watch Redial, please visit their instagram

Breathe, written and directed by Jaiden Turner.


Written & Directed by Jaiden Turner

A girl haunted by her depression must choose to rejoin society or be engulfed by her depression.

To learn more about Breathe, please visit their instagram

* Stay tuned for the Junior Films created during Fall 2021.