Every semester the juniors and seniors of the Film program work together to create a variety of short films. These collaborative projects allow students the opportunity to work on larger films with support from their peers. To support these filmmakers feel free to give them a follow on social media or share their crowdfunding pages!

Senior Films

The short film Consumed, written by Lukas Stone.


Written & Directed by Lukas Stone

An anxious art student at a college in Montana is tormented by a sleep paralysis demon. When the nightmare becomes real, the student must make a choice to avoid losing his mind completely.

To learn more about Consumed, please visit their crowdfunding page

The Fan Attic, a short film, directed by Beau Baxter.

The Fan Attic

Written & Directed by Beau Baxter

Torn by the pursuit of his dreams and their cost on the people around him, a man must face a life changing ultimatum between his fans and his family.

To learn more about The Fan Attic, please visit their crowdfunding page

Lurker, a short film directed by Kyle Kennerson.


Written & Directed by Kyle Kennerson

Maika is an early twenties recluse who is only close with her camera. She loves taking pictures, but has problems interacting with people. She finds it easier if they don't know that they are being photographed. She imagines what their life might be, where the threads of their future may go. One night, while on her lurk, Maika finds that she too is being followed by someone, or something. 

To learn more about Lurker, please visit their crowdfunding page

Junior Films

312, written by Isabelle Thomas.


Written by Isabelle Thomas

Directed by Sienna Riley

Imprisoned in a room for over 300 days, a girl writes to the boy who was in the room before her.

To follow 312's festival run, please visit their instagram

The Haunted Hard Drive, written and directed by Chandler Pippin.

The Haunted Hard Drive

Written & Directed by Chandler Pippin

A computer-repair technician must learn to trust his friend in order to save the world's data.

To watch The Haunted Hard Drive, please visit their YouTube channel.

Redial, written and directed by Aubrey Schied.


Written & Directed by Audrey Schied

A strange caller has shocking news: he's lived the day before and knows Cadence will die that night.

To watch Redial, please visit their instagram

Breathe, written and directed by Jaiden Turner.


Written & Directed by Jaiden Turner

A girl haunted by her depression must choose to rejoin society or be engulfed by her depression.

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