Chris Z. Anderson

MSU’s School of Film and Photography Chris Anderson speaks about her art, her process, her teaching philosophy and her legacy during a Provost's Distinguished Lecturer Series virtual event at on MSU’s YouTube channel,

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Register HERE for the (MFA) in Science & Natural History Filmmaking Virtual Graduate Fair occurring Friday, October 30 @ 11:30 AM!!

The invitation below is to all faculty, staff and students who might be interested. Adobe is excited to have the opportunity to work with our program.

This exclusive event is happening on Friday, November 13th and would be of great value to fellow faculty, and film & video students at Montana State University. 

Famed director David Fincher has been working on Mank, a film about Herman Mankiewicz, the acclaimed co-writer of Citizen Kane.

Adobe is holding a virtual panel with Fincher’s post producer and assistant editors to learn about their feature film workflows, and how they’ve been working remotely. They’ll also discuss their career paths and give advice on how to succeed as a professional editor.

This is a one of a kind event with highly curated content, and there will be a Q&A as well. 

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Gavin Herzog Exit GalleryPhotography student Gavin Herzog has an exhibition, "Musicland" at the Exit Gallery throughout Fall 2020!!

Artist Statement

Musicland was sparked by my love of the color and design of sleeves used for vinyl records in the 1960’s and 70’s. These thin paper envelopes were meant to protect a 45 single from dust and scratches, while at the same time, advertising the production company. Styles varied dramatically, but each sleeve was limited by a distinct, recognizable shape: a 7-by-7-inch square with a 3-inch diameter circle cut out of the center. Now, through the contact printing process, they are converted to photographic objects. We admire these nostalgic pieces for their artistic ingenuity and form. They are mementoes of the eras they came from, turning back to a time of swooping fonts, psychedelic patterns, and radiating lines. Photograms allows us to view these aesthetic forms in a new way, not as mass-produced, flimsy, and disposable sleeves, but as one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Their ubiquitous black holes are tiny portals to that swinging time and place of Musicland.

Artist Description

Like vinyl itself, the method used to create this series is a throwback to an analogue age. Working in the color darkroom, each sleeve acted as its own negative, like film. Placed on a sheet of photosensitive paper, they were exposed under light, then developed in traditional color photo chemistry (RA-4). The entire process is cameraless. We see the sleeves as a translucent overlay of both sides simultaneously, with unique, inverted color schemes.


Ian Van Coller

Our very own Guggenheim Fellow and photography Professor Ian Van Coller is sharing a virtual exhibition entitled Tales of Anthropocene at the Kolga Tbilisi Photo in Tbilisi, Georgia. The exhibition curated by Tian Schelhorn features Van Coller's work alongside Ian Teh, NASA/Curiosity, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, and David Klammer.  The virtual tour starts at