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For Freshman, First Time Transfer Students, and Incoming Students:

Please schedule an appointment with Kat Carney. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kat at katrielle.carney@montana.edu or (406) 994-6216. To schedule an advising appointment, please visit the appointment scheduler

For Sophmores, Juniors, and Seniors:

Please meet with your faculty advisor for more information. The name of your Advisor is located in DegreeWorks a few lines below your name and also in MyInfo under the Student Services tab. If you do not see an Advisor listed please reach out to our Academic Advisor, Kat Carney, at katrielle.carney@montana.edu or (406) 994-6216.


Academic Advising Mission Statement

At MSU, we believe that academic advising is a critical component of a student's University experience. Advising teaches students how to navigate their academic journey and take ownership of their college experience. Academic advisors are guides, mentors, and educators who encourage personal development and lifelong learning, and who share information about curricula, resources, and engagement opportunities. Students who engage in the advising process regularly will benefit from the guidance and support of their advisor. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Through your active participation in academic advising, you will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of academic requirements, policies, and procedures
  2. Identify academic and personal goals
  3. Create a plan to meet your goals
  4. Gather and evaluate information to make informed decisions

Advisor Advising Responsibilities

You can expect your advisor to

  • Engage in the advising process
    • Get to know you
    • Actively listen to your ideas and concerns
    • Guide you as you develop short and long-termgoals and create your plan to meet these goals
    • Review advising notes from prior converstaions before or during advising meetings
    • Share accurate and times information to assist in your decision-making process
    • Refer to you appropriate campus resources
    • Document advising conersations in DegreeWorks
    • Provide recommendations, but expect and encourage you to make your own decisions
  • Be knowlegeable aabout academic policies, procedure, deadlines
  • Maintain student confidentiality as specified by university policy and mandated reporting requirements
  • Facilitate your understanding of the nature and purpose of your currculum and a university education
  • Use advising and registration tools
  • Review first-semester registration
  • Hold regular advising hours and coummunicate method of scheduling meetings
  • Follow up with advisees as appropriate

For advising resources please visit the Advisor Toolkit.

Student Advising Responsibilities

You are expected to take ownership of your university experience.

  • Engage in the advising process
    • Meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester
    • Be honest and keep an open mind
    • Ask questions and seek clarity when something isn't clear
    • Discuss goals, interests, strengths, values, and challenges
    • Get to know your advisor
  • Adhere to MSU policies and deadlines
  • Learn and follow the degree and curricular requirements of your chosen major
  • Proactively monitor your progress toward graduation through DegreeWorks
    • Check your grades and academic standing at the end of each semester
    • Confirm your registration and course schedule each semester
  • Prepare for your advising meetings
    • Review DegreeWorks prior to advising meetings
    • Create a list of questions, topics to discuss
    • Identify courses for future semesters
  • Follow up on advisor recommendations
    • Utilize MSU's many resources to assist in meeting goals

For student resources please visit the Academic Advising website



 At MSU we care about your success. Your academic advisor, along with other student support professionals across campus, will help you make the most of your college experience. 


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