Candidates requesting consideration for admission to the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Science and Natural History Filmmaking (SNHF) Program in the School of Film and Photography (SFP), will need to be ready to submit the materials below during this online application process. If sending any hard-copy documents (e.g., official transcripts) please send to: School of Film and Photography, Montana State University, Post Office Box 173350 or Visual Communications Building #202, Bozeman, MT 59717-3350.

Applicants to the SNHF program need no formal filmmaking training to apply.  Our students represent a wide variety of backgrounds, including the sciences, engineering, medicine and law.  Our graduates come from throughout the United States and the world.  It is preferred, but not required that they have undergraduate or graduate training in science. Commensurate academic or work-related experience with science or science-related projects will also be considered. These fields include but are not limited to biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, engineering, earth sciences, computer and technology science, environmental sciences, psychology, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, health sciences, and other related fields. Some research experience is preferred. Candidates are not expected to have education or experience in filmmaking although applications from filmmakers with science backgrounds or science production experience will be given full consideration.

The following materials are required to complete your application: 

  • Application and payment of a non-refundable application fee of $70.00. The fee must be paid before the application will be processed.
  • A Resume. The document should summarize your education, awards or recognition, work experience, foreign language proficiencies and any other special skills.
  • A Personal Statement. You will be prompted through a series of questions with specific word limits. Please consider each response so that the committee gains a sense of your experience and creative and intellectual influences along with your career goals. This essay is a critical part of your application. The committee will read it carefully and weigh it heavily in making an admission decision.
  • Transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are required for the application process in order to review your academic experiences. Official transcripts will be required once you're accepted into the program. If sending electronic transcripts, please send them to:  Applicants who are undergraduate alumni of MSU do not need to submit official transcripts.
  • The GRE **New as of 2021**
    • The GRE is no longer required for admission to the MFA Program. 
  • Three (3) letters of reference. During this online process, applicants will be asked to provide information about their references. The electronic process will prompt each reference to submit a signed reference letter. Please double check to ensure the correct emails for your references are listed. The letters should be written by people who are in a position to adequately assess your potential as an SNHF filmmaker. The letters should address your academic or professional accomplishments; your ability to collaborate with others; your written, spoken and (if relevant) media communication skills; and your potential to creatively solve both theoretical and practical problems. 
  • APPLICATION FORM FOR ADMISSION and further instructions.
  • International students: in addition to the above, international applicants will be required to submit the following*:
    • English proficiency scores:  TOEFL score of 90 (internet-based) or 213 (computer-based) or 550 (paper-based) or a Duolingo minimum score of 130 or IELTS, minimum score of 7.0 necessary for applicants who are not U.S. citizens and not from countries where English is the official language. This requirement is waived if the applicant has earned an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution in the U.S.
    • Evidence of financial support.
    • Proof of funds (if self-funded)
      • Evidence of financial support and proof of funds are not required during the application process but must be submitted upon acceptance to the program. 
    • Copy of applicant’s passport
    • Degree certificates as well as an English translation for all non-English academic transcripts and credentials. Photocopies can be used to initiate the application process, however official transcripts/credentials are still required upon admission.
                                                                     *See International application process.
  • OPTIONAL: You may also include a sample of your scientific research work results and/or any film, video or still photography work you have completed previously. Supporting materials will not be returned to the applicant.

 Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Application Guidelines

The Admissions Committee, which is composed of SNHF faculty, and a currently enrolled SNHF graduate student will evaluate your application with particular attention to your potential to become a filmmaker with competence in both science and filmmaking. There are no deferred admissions. If you decline an offer of admission and wish to enroll in the SNHF at a later date, you need to submit a new application. Please note that the admissions committee may consider previous admission attempts as part of their decision.

Students may also schedule a private visit in either Fall or Spring. While the Program believes visiting the program is an invaluable opportunity for prospective students, it is not required for application or admission to the SNHF. 

Application for Fall Admissions are open. The deadline for submission is January 31st.

NOTE: If you are not a Montana resident, you may be eligible for 150% of in-state tuition under the WRGP-WICHE program. The receipt of a WRGP tuition change is not automatic and is subject to an additional review by the Graduate School and the College of Arts & Architecture. If you would like to be nominated to receive one of these limited spots, please request consideration on the bottom of page 7 (check box). Then on page 8 upload a brief memo explaining why you feel you should be nominated. If awarded, you will be notified at the time of admission.


Contact Information

For more information about the Graduate Program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking, please email or call 406-994-3902.