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Add/Drop Form

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  • City of Bozeman Film Permit 
    • A Bozeman Film Permit is required for any filming that will occur within the city limits of Bozeman, within the public right-of-way or on City property (parks, trails, facilities, etc.).
  • Location Scouting Checklist
    • Location Scouting is essential for any production. MSU Students are insured for up to 1,000,000 on any public lands within Gallatin County. MSU students can also film or photograph around campus, as long as they follow the rules listed in the MSU Campus Policy
  • Location Release Agreement 
    • Once the perfect location is found, the student and owner of the property must sign the Location Release Agreement. 
  • Risk Management Form
    • Risk Management forms are used to outline the risks & challenges associated with a production. The policies outlined in the Risk Management form demonstrate the student's plan for mitigating any possible risks. 
    • The Risk Management Form must be signed by crew heads, the instructor, and the Director of the SFP (Alexis Pike). Once all signatures have been obtained, the form should be submitted to the VCB Front Desk in exchange for a Certificate of Insurance (CoI). 
    • For additional MSU policies, and detailed information regarding Risk Management forms and the Certifiate of Insurance please visit Safety & Risk Management.  
  • Certificate of Insurance (CoI)
    • The state of Montana purchases Student Professional Liability insurance coverage for student projects undertaken while registered for academic credit. A Certificate of Insurance may be required by locations outside of MSU. 
  • Film, Video, Digital Submission Form
    • The Film, Video, Digital Submission Form is used to release your work for the SFP Film Option Archival purposes.


 *These are sample forms. Consult your faculty adviser to discuss if they are appropriate for your project.



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